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Medium/Heavy Resistance Band


Please allow 3-5 Business Days to process orders before shipping


The Orange Resistance Band is perfect for any glute workout rather you are at the gym or at home. To use simply place the resistance band around your thighs above your knees. The woven fabric band has grips on the inside that prevents the band from rolling up, which cause the band to stay in place. As soon as you perform your first exercise, you will start to feel the bands are working on your glutes. This Booty Band is small enough to fit in your purse (while traveling) or gym bag. 



Here are some exercises you can use the band for : 

  • Kickbacks 

  • Donkey Kicks 

  • Glute Bridge 

  • Squats

  • Hip Thrust

  • and SO much more!



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Booty Bae Resistance Band

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